Fire Alarm Systems Smart Line Technologies, provides complete fire alarm solutions for our clients using the most professional designs, techniques, materials & fixing.

Using Italian and American brands with premium quality and warranty, Smart Line technologies compete with other companies by delivering maximum safety and reliability with reasonable prices in addition to excellent services.




Our fire alarm & extinguishing department includes:
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Addressable Fire Systems
  • Firefighting & Extinguishing
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Fire rated cable
  • Emergency and Exit Light
  • Civil Defense Drawings and Approvals
  • Maintenance Contracts with speedy response time

Honeywell Fire Alarm System

American publicly traded, multinational, conglomerate company composed of four Business Groups reliable identification, founded in 1885. Honeywell Gent is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire detection and alarm industry.

Inim Fire Alarm System

Inim was born in 2005 making use of a totally Italian corporate capital. It develops its specialization in active security systems for the industrial world. INIM design draws in fire alarm system on the state of the art of microcontroller technologies, network architectures and communication infrastructures.